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My husband Scott and I both love animals! Several years back we thought about adopting a child since our children were getting older and ready for college, but we decided we'd raise exotic cats instead!

We got our first exotic cat in October of 2001. His name is Kovu and he is an African Serval. Soon to follow was Kiara another African Serval in December of 2001.  Now our family has grown considerably!!! 

Scotts mom always tells a story about how when he was little and she would tuck him in at night.....One night he looked around his room and said "when I grow up, I am going to have animals everywhere!" Well, his dream definitely came true!

In 2009 Scott left General Motors and started working with our animals full time. We have added many different animals to start our educational programs.  Not a day goes by that something interesting doesn't happen (sometimes too much) and I thank God everyday for how he has blessed us with all the rewards of owning not only exotics, but all of our animals!

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Scott and Teresa

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