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We are no longer doing parties but check back in the future


We have 2 types of programs available.

  • An educational program

  • A show and tell for younger children.

Each program is 45 min to an hour and we guarantee 5 animals. (but usually we bring a few more). If you have a request for a certain animal we will do our best to provide it but can not guarantee it as occasionally animals have days they do not feel like going out for a program (just like people)

We do parties in the Kansas city metropolitan region and surrounding areas.

Hints for a successful Party

1.  The best time to start the animal presentation is 30 minutes after your party starts. This gives your guests time to arrive.

2.  A parking space close to your home is necessary. If possible, in the summer, a spot in the shade would be great.

3.  Food should be withheld from the children until the animals have left the party area.

4.  If you have a “Party Jump” near the animal presentation area, it should be deflated during the program.

5.  For the safety of both the children and the animals, please help with the supervision of the children.

6.  When parents attend the party with their children, we love to have them join in, but for those parents who choose not to participate we ask that you provide an area separate from the animals so that they can socialize where it will not disrupt the program.

7.  During the summer if the program is outside we must have enough shade for children and the animals.

8.  Please inform us if any of the children have allergies.

We are NOT associated with Kc Exotics R Us or Exotics R Us


Our Lion Cub

A babyb Lemur

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